Adams Farm Home is a long-term residential care facility for women with intellectual disability in Plumstead, Cape Town, South Africa. Founded in 1917 with just six residents, the Home now provides full-time care for 50 women.

Adams Farm Home is a Public Benefit Organization registered in terms of the Non-Profit Organizations Act 1997. The Home is governed by a Trust; executive and house committee members are elected at the Annual General Meeting.

Adams Farm Home is run by a team of caring and dedicated staff and volunteers. Matron and the registered sisters – together with the administrative, catering and cleaning staff – ensure the residents’ care, comfort and safety. An occupational therapist and a social worker provide therapy sessions and handcraft supervisors assist with knitting classes. Volunteers are integral to Adams Farm Home and assistance is always welcomed.


Adams Farm Home is housed in a purpose-built single story building. The 50 residents are accommodated in dormitories, with shared bathrooms. There is a comfortable and spacious lounge, as well as a beautiful garden with a swimming pool. The Home has extensive kitchen and laundry facilities, and all catering and laundry are done on site. The ladies are encouraged to assist where possible.

The residents enjoy various social events throughout the year. Family Day brings much excitement, as the ladies share an afternoon of tea and treats at the Home with their loved ones. The annual fete is another highlight and raises much-needed funds for, and awareness of the Home.



Adams Farm Home was started in 1917 as a home for intellectually disabled women who had become homeless. Four properties were consolidated into a working farm, with poultry, pigs and cows. To supplement government subsidies, dressed poultry, eggs and surplus milk and butter were sold, as well as flowers and vegetables from the considerable gardens. The Home also provided laundry services for a number of customers and made collections and deliveries by horse-and-cart.

In 1966, a new home was built on the same site after some land had been sold off. The move to the present site in Plumstead, Cape Town took place in August 1987. The developers of the Blue Route Mall expressed a desire to expand further. An agreement was concluded with the developers, and they sourced and purchased the land and established the new Home.


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